Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mobile Week In Review

We got new Macs and more importantly, there were some developments in wireless Internet that we brought to your attention.

The new Macbooks embodied new designs, new chipsets, and generated a lot of excitement among Mac users that was long overdue.  We didn't see the $800 Macbook that was a single rumor that did not have an ounce of support whatsoever.  Nevertheless, there was a lot of value added to the new line.

Issues We're Tracking:
Onxo Links:
  • Onxo reports oDesk offer some mobile warriors jobs to be completed remotely.
  • Onxo put together a bunch of review for G1 and Macbooks.  Day of Reviews.
  • Evolution of iPod Touch
  • Onxo recommends checking out cloud solutions to lower costs.
  • Onxo on state of mobile war.  Part 2:  mobile devices versus laptops.
  • Onxo profiles the needs of a political operative.
  • Onxo on the coming trend of mobile device integration with cars.
  • Onxo in the new Macbook's gaming potential.  It'll keep I think.
  • Onxo in the economic pain.
  • Onxo reports $1 billion reached in mobile gaming.  We think you ain't see nuthin' yet.
  • Onxo on FCC's recommendation to go ahead with AWS-3 auction.
  • Onxo wants you to get to know M2Z Network.  They're giving us free wireless broadband access.  Yeah, that's right...
  • Onxo on books for regular cell phones with wireless access.
  • Onxo thinks Apple is targeting enterprise users with aluminum Macbooks.  But make sure you say "aluminum" the way Jon Ives does it.  You'll have to watch the Macbook event to know what I'm talking about.
  • Onxo believes Apple made great move with Nvidia integrated graphic solution
  • Onxo on books for regular cell phones with wireless access.

Mobile Device Update:
  • WM PowerUser on what's coming from NVidia's Tegra.
  • RCR Wireless reports Simon And Schuster will make available more than 500 titles for mobile phones.  Titles include CSI, Star Trek, and Buffy.  Also "The Secret".  Read, America!
  • Yahoo News on Google's Android kill switch
Mobile Issues:
  • Daily Wireless on Nov 4th.  Guess who else is voting on Election Day?  The FCC.  On top;  Mergers, White Space, and the Universal Service Fund.
  • CNet reports Verizon confident about their situation concerning economic downturn.  Must read.  CEO is right:  most folks will spend money on wireless and broadband services regardless of situation.  For now.
  • Gizmodo breaks down mobile OS in terms regular mobile warriors can understand.  Must read.
  • Liliputing on a report that mobile device sales will increase to $27 billion by 2013.
  • Daily Wireless with John Cunliffe, Ericcson's tech officer on WiMax and LTE.  WiMax is puny, he says.  Said tests show a peak of 154Mbps/low of 16Mbps, a mean of 78Mbps.  Numbers real world subscribers will never see.
  • Cunchgear :  China monitors all Internet cafe customers

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