Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mobile Week Review (October 20-24, 2008)

The week was a big weird.  We not no major changes in the wireless landscape but we also had some important insights into things to come.

First, Android.  thousands of T-Mobile users were given their first introduction to the G1.  I received mine on Monday and I have periodically provided my own user update for it.  Over at On Android, I made cursory comparisons to the iPhone but recently, I have been told I should make the comparison more with Windows Mobile.  I might consider doing that but for now, I want to talk about the G1 there.  I've posted pictures as well.

IMPACT:  Unknown at this time,  It's unclear how Android will do beyond T-Mobile and what Google has pressed upon us.  More and more, I think the G1 is a beta.  If you know Google's history with beta products, you know what I'm talking about it.  Unfortunately, for fortunately, Google did not fess up to the G1 being a work-in-progress.

The second big deal of the week is Apple's iPhone numbers.  Nearly seven million?  Is that a lot?  When looking at the subcategory of smartphones which the iPhone is wrongly lumped into, it is a big deal.  It's a bigger deal since the number of mobile providers and handset makers are forced into frantic modes to try release products without the "me, too" feel to it.

The iPhone will do well in its own sphere, an expanding one no less.  However, if we want to see how numbers are going to be like when we compare each devices, we will need more products on the market (Storm has been announced but not released) and see how they do over a few quarters.  I found myself agreeing with Microsoft's Bach on this matter.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, whether it's the Zune phone or Windows Mobile 6 or 7 with Zune functions, their words are empty until they've got something to release.  By 2010, as is rumored when Windows Mobile 7 will be released, the Android should be out of beta, the iPhone could well be on version 3 or 4,  Nokia with a multiple number of N-series touchscreen phones, and there may be many types of Storms on the market.

Lastly, white spaces.  The FCC is due to vote on this but with politics brought in (NYT- MUST READ as it provides a good background on white spaces and who the cast members are and their roles), we may see a delay on this matter.  We'll follow this closely and let you know what is going on once the pressures of an election year is over.

Here is Google's most recent statement on this matter.  Time to choose sides, my fellow mobile warriors.

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