Friday, October 31, 2008

Mobility On Halloween Night

To the mobile goblins and ghouls out there tonight, have a fun and safe time trick-o-treating.  Yes, creatures of the Underworld also use iPhones and the likes.  Saw it on Buffy.

Anyway, parents, you'll probably take your trusty mobile devices out with you tonight.  Don't forget about the kids.  They'll probably want to come along too since they got all dressed up the for occasion.  Yes.  Some mobile warriors baby their iPhones or Blackberries more than their flesh and bloods.  It's understandable since these devices give and give while the little devils (literally) take and take.

So, what can you do tonight to make the occasion more memorable and safe?
  • Charge it.  Go do it now.  
  • Fill your device with music for the occasion.  Ghoulish sounds and people being hacked to pieces.  That's do just fine.  There are also apps for that. 
  • Look for apps that will turn your phone into a flashlight.  It'll come in handy when you get hungry and you want to raid your child's loot right on the spot.  There are a couple for the iPhone.  An adequate one for the G1.  I'm sure there are a few for the Blackberry and Window Mobile.
  • Twitter - that's all I can say.  If you're on the iPhone, you're got Twitteriffic and Twinkle.  Both works very well.  On the G1, you've got nothing so far.  Blackberry twitter apps are fine from what I'm told.  
  • Don't forget there's probably a camera on your mobile device or phone.  Use it.
  • Make sure your child knows how to use it.  My nephew is quite apt at using my iPhone as a lightsaber.  Knows how to dial 911 too.  
  • If you have GPS or some kind of location-awareness tech, it can come in handy.  
  • Make sure you have your hands-free headset or Bluetooth.  There are a lot of kids high - on sugar tonight.  
If there is anything else you think you can add this this list, Onxo wants to hear from you.

Have a great Halloween!

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