Thursday, October 23, 2008

MS Exec on iPhone Sale Numbers

According to Robbie Bach, Microsoft's exec responsible Windows Mobile among other things, asks folks not to look too much into those iPhone numbers.  And we all know Jobs like numbers.  The signifiance of those numbers is that Apple has only been on the market for 18 months or so and has done pretty well for a new guy.

But I agree with Bach a point he made.  Each company will have their big launch.  And when it's done, things settle down, that is when numbers can be compared fairly.

With that said, Apple will need to sustain this and growth it even more.  Everyone agrees Apple hit a home run with the iPhone 3G and now, folks will be expect more of the same next time Apple steps up to the plate.

This is not to say that there is no pressure being put on RIM, Google, or Microsoft.  G1's success has not been met with the kind of enthusiasm the iPhone has generated.  In fact, Macworld saw no evidence the average Joe is even aware of it.  People who went and bought the G1 normally had a tech background.

Bach said RIM will have it's big moment soon with Bold and, more specifically, Storm.

Eventually Microsoft will have its turn with WM 7 in 2010.  And as Bach said, normalization is key.  How each competitor in the mobile market is able to sustain sales figures and how quickly they can innovate and get out new technologies.

So, we'll give RIM and Microsoft a fair shake when they're due up.  And we'll see where everyone's numbers are a few quarters from now.  This is what we mobile warriors live for.  People fight to get to us.

Source:  Electronista

Note:  If we are going to compare the iPhone to the G1, we have to do the whole song and dance, including launch promo and eventually sales figures.  I'm an owner of both mobile devices so I'm trying to be fair about it all.  This goes the same for Storm, Bold, and whatever Zune-Phone Microsoft is working on.

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