Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Macbook Benchmark Difference

Okay.  So this will be quick.  The follow are the new benchmarks from Apple, repeats:  from Apple, for the new integrated graphic solution on the new Macbook.

Right now, I'm torn between the high end Macbook and the Macbook Pro.  These are just graphs with no numbers.  But you can see how the new Nvidia GeForce 9400M improves the performance over the x3100.  Too bad there is no reference for the x4500.

What do these numbers mean?  Well, Apple isn't above manipulation the numbers.  Regardless, I went to an old benchmark chart from Macworld to pull up the Unreal Tournament number for the early 2008 Macbook.  The Black Macbook took in 27.6 frames per second.  That puts the new Macbook at around 69 frames per second.

Not bad at all.

But keep in mind, when Apple's next OS, Snow Leopard, comes out next year, OpenCL allows  the GPU to help out the CPU with the load.  It's likely integrated solutions will not work, such as this Macbook's GeForce 9400M.

So, don't blow off the Macbook Pro just yet.  Something to consider if your computing requirements include a lot of heavy computation.

Link:  Apple Graphics

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