Saturday, October 11, 2008

New MacBooks Next Tuesday

Here's a buying recommendation for my fellow mobile warriors if you're in the market for a Macbook.

You probably know by now that Apple will hold a special event next week to refresh their laptops.  What we don't know is what's the specs are and there is a debate about how low Apple will price the new mobile gears.

I've decide to give credence to the fact that Apple will finally step up and offer dedicated GPU on the Macbook.  Read at On Apple for more details on what to expect next week.

Okay.  Macbooks with lower prices.  Great.  It's about time.  And it also reflects a new strategy for Apple.  That means we must also change our buying habits.  So, consider the following in your buying decisions:

  • New Macs with lower price points.
  • Leftover Macbooks may mean additional savings in the next couple of weeks.  There is not going to be an immediate drop on current Macbooks but we will see it.  Patience is required.  
  • Refub Macbooks.  Refubished units of current Macbooks already reflect a $200.  We might see an even greater saving in about a month.  This will have to happen as Apple priced new refub units of next week's Macbooks and early 2008 versions.  
  • If you bought a Macbook recently and really want to get the new ones, you should consider contacting Apple Store, if that's where you bought yours and request an upgrade or refund.  
Anyway, we'll finally have something to talk about next week about Macs.  Very excited here.  

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