oDesk Offers Jobs For Some Mobile Workers

I came across oDesk via Web Worker Daily.  It's sort of an online depository for remote workers who can be hired out to jobs by companies all over the world.  It pairs prospective talents, that maybe some of you, with global employers.

For the most part, they offer jobs for folks with technical skills:
  • Web  or software developers
  • Web or graphic designers
  • Freelance writers
  • Data entry professionals
These are just a few that are in high demand.  And here's an interesting fact about oDesk:  40% of 10,000 plus jobs posted each month are offered by foreign companies.  And oDesk collects the salary on behalf of the remote talent and pays in US dollars.  Here are also some facts about how oDesk works.
  • A "buyer" will post a job and provider (you) can see to fill the job.
  • Interviews take place over e-mail, chat, or over phones.
  • Many buyers "test drive" providers by offering small tasks for providers to complete to evaluate the best fit.
  • Buyers are able to keep track of employees online.  Providers offer logs, screen shots, and memos.
If this is for you, head on over the WWD and read the article.  Also, keep in mind about Web Worker Daily for tips and news pertinent to mobile warriors.  
I hope this helps some folks.  Here are some sites that might be of interest to you.
Via Web Worker Daily (See also an older WWD link)


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