Sunday, October 12, 2008

OLO Would Make Netbook Around iPhone

OLO will bring a netbook around the iPhone.  What?

That's right.  Perhaps the picture below from Liliputing will answer that.

What does it do?  When you go to the Olo site, it mere tells us that it's coming soon.  Here is something mobile warriors will have to know before we go forward.  In order to make accessories for the iPod, you have to get approval and a licensing agreement in hand from Apple before you can even use their trademarks.

There is no mention of the iPhone on the website but you can clearly see an iPhone in the netbook where the trackpad normally sits.

There is no details right now but it could simply be a way to draw attention.  After all, it is not likely Apple has sanctioned such a move.  Is this feasible?  Technically, the iPhone is a very powerful computer that will augment just such a netbook in this setup.  It runs variant of OS X and netbooks like MSI Wind has demonstrated the ability to run OS X adequately.

It could be the netbook does nothing more than to project the images on the screen providing higher resolution for web browsing and the keyboard for typing.  Plus with the always on 3G connectivity, ATT cannot well call this tethering.  We'll know soon enough if this is vaporware or something real.

However, I am very excited about this.  How does this impact Mobile users?  Well, it likely will change how we see mobile computing in the way that perhaps more handset producers will port their OS to make mobile devices to compete with netbooks.

Note:  Apple has indicated additional products will be produced around the mobile version of OS X.

Via  Liliputing, Olo

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