Recession Mobile Tip: Save 30% Using

Alright, I was going to surprise everyone by showing up on the post with a OS X installed MSI Wind.  But then I got a tip from a friend that if you use to search for the product you like, you can save up to 30%.

So, we had bought a Wind from Amazon for $480.  But going through and buy the Wind off eBay, my friend was able to save $150 off the $500 price.  On top of that, he had a 10% coupon from eBay.

I didn't ask him how he got the coupon.  He did mention that in the past, eBay tempts encourages new members to shop with coupons.

In the end, he ended up saving about $180.  $320 for a cheap Macbook.  Very good deal.

But with 30% off, you can get some necessities.  Get a vaccuum, replacement parts, winter wear...anyway, Onxo will bring you ways to help stretch the precious dollar.

Source:  Fatwallet


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