Sunday, October 5, 2008

Top Stories for Week of Sept 29 Thru Oct 3

This was a really weird week in mobility.  We went from Sprint turning WiMax on Monday to Steve Jobs' supposed massive heart attack got the attention fo SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission.  And for the record, Jobs is fine.

So, here are the top five stories in reverse order of consequence to mobile warriors:

  • At number five, CNN's iReport erroneously reported that Jobs had a major heart attack.  Not only was the story not true, Apple's stock too a hit and now, the SEC is looking into the matter (More details on Friday's Mobile Update .  CNN is cooperating with investigators.
  • At number four, the DSi introduction on Thursday.  While the changes to DSi are to be expected, Onxo thinks it's nothing more than a stopgap until DS 2.  For more, find out what we think and what we see will come from Nintendo  for mobile entertainment.
  • At number three, WiMax is live in Baltimore.  However, this enthusiasm was pretty much muted by the fact that Sprint will severely limit what subscribers can do.
  • At number two, is Apple's repeal of their NDA, beating out the Wimax only because Sprint is so evil.  Having said that, this peace offering to developers has Apple looking less evil.  Plus, the impact of this on mobile warriors is more immediately than WiMax's deployment.  Now, that development with the iPhone is a bit less uncertain, it is still an important development.  
  • At number one...Internet radio stations is given a reprieve by the US Congress when both chambers passed the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008.  Negotiations are on going and they have until Feb 15, 2009 to come to an agreement.  This is a new form of entertainment that a lot of mobile users have come to rely on.  And laws may need to be changed to come more in line with technological developments.  
Honorable Mentions:
  • SSD prices have dropped significantly this year.  We expect more as adoption increase and economic woes will accelerate a lower price point.
  • Zune is coming to Windows Mobile...eventually.
  • Nokia finally introduced their full screen phone with "Come With Music" service.

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