Monday, October 20, 2008

User Review: HTC Touch (Verizon)

We like reviews.  But most of all, we like user-oriented reviews.  I mean reviews from users.  Not quickies.  Quick reviews give us a good idea but the nuances get lost.  And Only an user who works with it day after day can really tell us give us the experience of owning a specific mobile device.

This is a review for the Verizon's version of HTC Touch from Camerahacker.  You can tell that the reviewer took time to go through it for his readers.

It's a must read.  And you get a lot of details regarding the camera quality.  Love to see more about the actual operations though.

Source:  Camerahacker

Note:  Chieh Cheng, the operator of Camerahacker is my high school friend.

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