Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week Review in Mobility (October 6-10, 2008)

The biggest news this week has to be RIM's attempt at showing signs of life with the global (well, US and western Europe) launch of Storm.  So, what's so great about it?  Well, it's their own multi-touch implementation.  But as far as changing the course of mobility goes, it's nothing we have not seen since the iPhone came out.
News is RIM still has a fight, always did.  Like Onxo has been saying all along, they're still the top dog in smartphones.
Mobile Tip:
  • Use SIP to make calls to certain numbers.  For Free.
Onxo This Week:
  • Onxo asks if Apple can make America read again.
  • Onxo on state of mobile war.  Part 2:  mobile devices versus laptops.
  • Onxo has started an update on Storm.
  • Onxo wonders if Android is good as a mobile standard.
  • Onxo reports NDP says iPhone big winner.  ATT does pretty well too.
  • Onxo analyzes Microsoft putting Zune on Windows Mobile.
  • NDP: Apple and ATT Big Winners
  • State of Mobile War - laptops versus mobile devices
  • Onxo on how wireless providers can retain users
  • Onxo reports Skype's letters to the FCC
Issues to Follow:
  • RCR Wireless reports class action suit against wireless providers over texting.  US Senator also asks why fees keep going up.
  • Verizon to charge content providers 3 cents per message to text to its customers.  Verizon to charge content providers 3 cents per message to text to its customers.
Mobile Device Updates:
  • Android Community has a G1 review.  Uh-oh...
  • Ars Technica on Motorola's Android plans.
  • Onxo on new laptop battery.  Must read.  Up to 40% increase battery life in 2009.
  • Phone Contents report THQ distribution of sports games worldwide.
  • UberGizmo on upcoming Firefox Mobile.
  • I'm very exited to hear about this.  Gizmodo reports Blackberry's app store will get competition in the form of BerryStore.  Know carriers, I wonder if Verizon will ask Blackberry to lock up "unauthorized" apps.  Will there be a jail-break community now for the Blackberry Storm?
  • Wired has pics on Wind 2.  I like.  If Apple's event doesn't pan out, still can get Wind to install OS X.
  • Wired reports notebook makers join WiMax bandwagon.  We believe 3G and other mobile broadband merge, provide mobile users more flexibility.  Maybe even savings.
Mobile Issues:
  • Gizmodo breaks down mobile OS in terms regular mobile warriors can understand.  Must read.
  • Small Wave on app stores differences.
  • Electronista reports a successful Android may change mobile landscape.
  • Yahoo News on Web tech helping cut mobile fees and costs.
  • Small Wave wonders if Google's Android is truly open.  We don't think so.  We believe Google learned some bad habits from its new wireless friend.
  • Appleinsider says kids like Apple gears.  This does not bold well for RIM given that it's so closely associated with enterprise.  Such a reputation is difficult to overcome.  Maybe this is why Apple do not public push Macs on enterprise.
  • WiMax:  Network World on Clearwire's CEO's WiMax future and services for enterprise.  Also, Gizmodo found out that WiMax is live in six more cities.
  • Yahoo News UK on Balmer's thoughts about Apple's cult, Zune, and Android.  We think payoff may be good but there's a lot of risks.

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