Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wireless Providers Needs a Scrooge Moment

In the past, I've said that Android isn't an open system because of the constraints that wireless providers put on handsets.  Of course, that goes for everyone (maybe except Apple.  I'm sure there'll be some form of restrict at play).  Symbian, Linux, Palm, and WM.

I was playing with Android and looking for apps that are  no longer on the Android Marketplace to install and I realized there are a lot of things these little computers can do if we are only allowed to do them.

So with the Holidays already here (I've seen the Christmas decorations at Osh), let's pick up on Christmas Carol.  Let's assuming the Scrooge-like wireless providers had an encounter with ghosts of wireless past, present, and future.

And they see a future in which all networks are open and competition if fostered by variety, great services, and fast wireless broadband.  Wireless providers are not dumb pipes but equal partners in commerce, entertainment, and enterprise.

That is the time to get Android.  That's is the time where Symbian and Windows Mobile shine.  See, right now, we're locked into what we can't do on the networks.  We'd have to scurry around and look for  Wi-Fi networks to do any of that.

I created "Dave the Mobile Warrior" yesterday.  Dave is going to have to limit what he can do for his work because wireless providers won't allow him to show his client a video presentation on the spot.  That's not right.

Anyway, where may be help on the way.  We have white spaces (FCC may delay vote on it) and AWS-3 that can be made into a national wireless broadband network that will allow Daves across the country do truly innovate, compete, and play.

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