170K DSi Sold Over Two Days

Macworld is reporting Nintendo sold 170K DSi over two days in Japan.  An impressive figure by other terms but I wonder if it should be higher.

However, Nintendo and retailers may be limited by units available and not necessarily lack of interest in the latest DS model.  I suppose Macworld is trying to say the DSi did not receive the kind of coverage the DS originally received.

However, Macworld has never been accused of biased I think.  But if they were comparing it to the iPhone 3G launch by Apple and Softbank in Japan, then they're right.  The press coverage is nowhere near what the iPhone launch received.

Nevertheless, 170K is impressive in a country already saturated.  I think most folks like myself are waiting for DS 2.  Sales overseas, like here in the US, is not scheduled until well into 2009.

Source:  Macworld

Note:  Go to 1Up for detailed comparison between DSi and previous models.

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