Accessories for Travelers

TUAW has come up with a few items for travelers, or as I like to call it, mobile warriors.

It's a bit limited.  I spoke about the solar chargers and possibly solar backpacks.  I think there should be among the items that mobile users should carry with them at all times. Truly, if millions of us all over the world use solar or wind to charge our gadgets like iPhones, DS, Blackberries, and netbooks, I certain there could be a significant reduction in carbon footprint collectively.

Anyway, love to hear what you use and recommend.  We are currently compiling a list of mobile gadgets and accessories that will help mobile users through all kinds of situations.

Meanwhile, check out  TUAW's recommendations.  Also check out Camerahacker and Gearhack for tips and articles.  They've got a few on practical mobile articles.


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