Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bigger Batteries - The Way to Go?

A third-party nine-cell battery for my MacWind would provide me with 6.5 hours of continuous battery use.  Do you think I should get it?

The MacWind I've been talking about lately weights in at about 3 pounds. That's with the 6-cell battery.  It provides me with about 4.5 hours of juice per charge and I find that adequate. But then the debate is whether the weight is more important or adding a little weight but gain 50% of battery life is worth it.

Right now, I would have to choose between the standard 6-cell configuration or a 3rd party 9-cell battery.  In time, I think we'll get more choices given that mobility is increasingly important to a lot of mobile warriors and the ability to work without worry about finding  an outlet is very important.
 What do you think?  With the deal and eBay , I can get it for a good price now.  I've included the link if you're interested.  MSI forums has more info about it.  I guess I will let those intrepid early adopters go through a couple of charge cycles before deciding.

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