Blackberry Storm - Reviews Are Out

I'll put together a few links that will tie as much of the reviews I can find on the Internet together.
Two things to keep in mind with online reviews.
  1. Favorites - some reviews will play favorites.  I'm not accusing anyone of blatant bias.  For example, people on iPhone sites will be used to its quirks when it should be an issue but doesn't mention it in its reviews.
  2. Some reviewers are not users.  They send a few days at most with a device and sits down in front of their Macbooks and set to provide their best opinions - I've owned the G1 for a month now and I've avoided providing an in depth review until I've had the time to vet it properly.
So far from what I've read, things aren't good when Blackberry-centric sites are cautioning the same things I've mentioned above.  Usually, fan-sites jump right into the fray if reviews are glowing.  After looking through some of the more objective ones, the conclusion seems to be one of the best Blackberries ever on the market but more work is needed via updates and Storm 2. 

Now just the same, if you are interested in the Storm or any other mobile devices, my best advice is to go down to the local stores and spend some time with it.


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