Monday, November 10, 2008

Early New Year Resolution For Handset Makers: Need Decent Cameras on Mobile Devices

I never cared for camera much on mobile phones.  I think they're great to have but it is hardly used at all because of the limitations.  Then we have ones from Sony and Samsung that really merge mobile phones with quality camera functionalities.  Still, I didn't give it much thought.

Until last night.   I was at the Lakers-Rockets game last night.  We were close to the floor.  Great seats.  I brought along my G1 with its 3MP camera.  Boy, I wished I had a real camera with me.  Unfortunately,  the shots I took were dismal at best.  You can't blame G1 or other cameras on cell phones.  It was not meant to take pictures the way standalone cameras do.

As tall and big as Yao Ming and Andrew Bynum are, there was nothing the camera could do about it.  I doubt it would have been better on the iPhone which I didn't have with me.

Anyway, I'll be adding a good camera functions to the mobile convergence.

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