Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gaming: Why Developers Like iPhone And iPod Touch Gaming

In the past, folks have lamented about the fact that Apple gave lip-service to gaming but never really put forth the effort to make Macs true gaming capability.  Not so with their mobile devices.

With iPod growth (still growing) near saturation as some analysts would have us believe, adding gaming as a feature would potentially entice users to upgrade their iPods.  And there have been a slew of posts in the last few days about gaming on Apple's mobile platform.

Here is just a summary of why developers like the platform:

  • Distribution - developers love the App Store.  Not just game developers but everyone.  You load your product and instantly gain access to tens of millions of customers worldwide.
  • Costs - none associated insofar as disks, packaging, shipping, etc. that is typically associated with other mobile gaming platforms like DS and PSP.
  • No need for distribution channels.  Once the game is finished, simply send it to Apple.
  • Barrier to entry is on that you need a great fun game.
  • iPhone SDK that makes the lives of developers easier.
  • Powerful graphics than DS and PSP and with features like accelerometers.
  • People will be carrying around an iPod because of its easy-to-use interface and social familiarity.  Having it be able to play games in a plus.  There is no need to carry a secondary device solely for gaming.
I have to say that gaming is not up to the standard of the DS and PSP.  I'm just being honest here.  The gaming depth just isn't quite there yet.  However, that is likely to change and I look forward to the day with the iPhone receives parity in terms of game releases as the DS and PSP.  


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