Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

Okay.  Folks.  I voted.  I was like 10th in line.  Something like that.  I took some pics with my iPhone which I'll upload later.  I got to my polling station around 6:45 am. 

Anyway, I met an old guy in line.  Richard.  Cool dude.  65+ and still working.  Has his own biz and all.  He's what America is.  Generous, good outlook on the future, and sensible. 

Met another guy but forgot his name but he looked disappointed when he found out I was drink a carmel hot chocolate from Starbucks.  He's a straight-up coffee guy. 

Anyway, Richard gave me a coupon for coffee at a local coffee shop.  How cool is that?  And that reminded me.  Starbucks will offer a free coffee tomorrow to all voters.

Anway, go vote, my fellow mobile folks!

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