Instant-On - New Mobile Cool

It was only yesterday I move back to my Powerbook a bit.  Today's posts will be mostly about netbooks and clouding around (it's a take on "clowning around"...sorry).

Instant-on.  Note that when the pitch to using solid-state memory, one of the advantages is instant-on or, at the very least, fast boot time.

Well, Dave the Mobile Warrior pointed me to the NY Times article about new laptops with fast boot time.  30 secs.  I'm with the author.  30 secs is too long.  What I was thinking about maybe 5 to 10 seconds.

Even the G1 and the iPhone aren't instant-on, which I think they should be but given that they run on a full OS, I guess that's is expecting too much.  It's one of the reasons why I almost never turn off my mobile devices.  And with my laptops, I mere put them to sleep.

Please head over and read the article.  It's a MUST READ.  Also take note of the part on what Dell's doing with their laptop that runs for 4-days on a single charge, taking the smartphone approach.  Sounds interesting.

Link:  New York Times


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