iPhone More Reliable: Lots of Grains of Salt Needed Perhaps

I have to agree with CNet when it took issue with the iPhone as being more reliable than Blackberries.

Truly, for better or worse, depending on which camp you support, I would like a survey of corporate mobile warriors, specifically those who switch to the iPhone as their mobile workhorse, whether on their own or because of their IT department.  A lot of them would have had experience with Blackberries or Windows Mobile devices, two platforms with more time in the corporate domain than the iPhone has.

Now, features-wise especially if we talk about Web-browsing and its entertainment value, the iPhone has pretty much everybody beat.  But app crashes is an issue Steve Jobs promised to fix and, maybe Apple has, but crashes are still frequent.  My share of crashes was lower than everyone else's and I haven't noticed much of it except for Safari.

Recently, my mom's iPhone simply won't launch any 3rd party apps while she was overseas and it was quickly fixed after I sync her iPhone when she returned.  In that sense, her reliability was not that great.

Then there is still the issues with 3G connection and speed.  I like to know what people say about that as well.

Let's see what folks from corporations have to say after taking the iPhone for a spin.  I think they'll like it but probably will have a few suggestions for Apple as well.


  • CNet doesn't think the iPhone is twice as reliable as the Blackberries.
  • Mobilecrunch - study between the iPhone, Blackberry, and Treo - battery is surprisingly not an issue for the iPhone.


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