MacWind Update: Keep it?

Dave the Mobile Warrior informed me last night that he may get rid of his MacWind.  I was curious to find out why he would do such a thing.  It was his idea that we get the Wind and install OS X (we own our copies).

So, I'm a bit torn now.  Folks, what should I do?  I truly do like the new Macbooks and the 13" LED are just what I was waiting for.

Anyway, I want to run some benchmarks on it before I do get rid of it or something.  We got it on eBay with the 30% discount.  So, the cost came out to about $350 which isn't bad for the configuration. The same Wind was on Amazon for $480 at the time. (Sounds like Dave the Mobile Warrior might do well under the Obama plan...hmm...)

The thing is that it's a not real Mac.  So, there are quirky workarounds that has to be employed to get it working the way it should.  The mic doesn't work so you need a Bluetooth or USB headset.  The Wi-Fi works but through a 3rd party utility.  Otherwise, you'll have to get some specific wireless card that OS X recognizes.

I like it because it's light and small.  I just have an issue with real estate.  It's a nice toy.  That's pretty much what I have say about it.

So, what do you think?


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