Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microsoft To Compete With iPhone

You're saying it already does with Windows Mobile.  I agree.  Windows Mobile is a very big platform.  Successful?  Well, that's up for debate.  The mobile landscape is always evolving and Microsoft i probably feeling a lot of heat from increased competition (but who isn't).   And we've been predicting that such a situation was likely including Microsoft developing its own mobile device.

Given the changes in the last year (iPhone, more folks developing smartphones for consumers), no longer is Windows Mobile good enough to satisify both the business world and consumers are the same time.

A while back, we said Microsoft warranted watching because everyone was very focused on RIM, Nokia and Apple.  We also said we should watch what Microsoft would be doing for this Holiday Season but our silliness got the better of us.  So, 2009 is definitely a year to watch.

Here's the thing.  MIcrosoft has to make their mobile plstform fun.  I'm not talking about having games and eye-candy customizations.  I'm talking about getting mobile warriors to want to carry it around and use it and make it a part of their daily lives.  Blackberries has the e-mails and messaging, while the iPhone has web-browsing, iPod-features, and generallly friendly UI.

Microsoft has tons of experience with UI and it also has experience with consumer electronics like Xbox and Zune.  Onxo definitely see Microsoft developing a mobile platform that can combine the best of the Blackberries and the iPhone.

So, folks, we are only confirming old news.  Just like the digital music realm, Microsoft has figured out that it can't simply develop a platform and let others do as they please with it.  Like the Zune, Redmond is getting their hands dirty once again to against smaller but more nimble foes.  If you want something done right, you'll just have to do it yourself.

My bet is we'll see something spectacular, provided this new Microsoft mobile device is not handicapped by wireless providers.

Source:  The Inquirer (Must Read)

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