Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mobile Convergence: China And India Has It Right

I've been pushing for added mobility and wireless broadband access on Onxo since I can remember, heck, even before I started working on Onxo and sharing my thoughts with my fellow mobile warriors.

It seems like others have the right idea, in this case, China's China Mobile and China Unicom and Indiea's Bharti Airtel.  According to CBS Marketwatch, these three giant telecoms are banking on strong mobile growth for their future.  And the growth is going to come from mobile Internet and the mobile devices to handle their native mobile users.

Now, this is great.  I'm pushing for mobility and wireless broadband and Internet but being in the US, I'm happy to see things rolling along with WiMax and White spaces but I hope more will be done and more can be done.

Early, I posted about President-Elect Barack Obama's transition team and who are involved.  I've known for a while there is a heavy Silicon Valley presence.  I hope this bodes well for mobility in the next four years (eight for folks counting on a second Obama term).  However, tech visionaries does not necessarily make a great CEO (Yang) or good policy makers.

Having said that, I'm glad China and India continue to push a national agenda in the midst of global economic pains (I don't know what to accurately call it).  Here are some facts from the article:
  • Lower inflation rate outpaced by disposable income means more telecom, Internet, and mobile uses.
  • Lower calling rates.
  • Economy of scale - 737 million users by 2012 in India alone - more than twice the US population.
  • Understands the meaning of mobile convergence - I think we do in the US (Western world) but we're just going about it differently.  
  • Feels even in a recession, mobile users will continue to keep on using mobile services that they find indispensable.    Onxo has posted about what consumers will least likely to give up due to financial constraints.  Mobile services was among the last mobile warriors will give up.
I think while we continue to fix our financial system and other problems plaguing our nation, we nevertheless have to keep an eye towards the future.   Anyone who has knowledge of what is going on in Russia, the Middle East, and other regions as far as mobile devices and mobile convergence is concerned, please let me know.  I love to hear about it and share it with our readers.  All mobile warriors stick together.
Source:  CBS Marketwatch 

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