Mobile: Get Ready for the Storm on November 21st

Yahoo News is reporting Verizon will unveil and begin to sell Blackberry's first full touchscreen mobile device, Storm on November 21st for $199.

How does this impact mobile warriors?  Competition, competition, competition.  At $199, it is a very great entry price but definitely not the cheapest among smartphones.  But it may make up for it in features and when the Blackberry's own app store opens later in 2009, it will add even more value.  However, by then, we may be speculating about Storm 2.

Also with $199 as a starting point, a knowledgeable public, and a sagging (to put it kindly) global economy, we may find ourselves with prices lowered sooner rather than later.  This would be accelerated if RIM competitors find themselves in difficult positions as a result of Storm's surge.

Note:  Notice I failed to mention the iPhone.  Storm deserves to have the media's attention all to itself for a bit.  After all, Blackberry is still the company to beat despite Apple selling more devices in the last quarter.  One quarter does not make a trend (still, quite impressive).

Source:  Yahoo News


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