Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mobile Voters: Free Stuff For Just Today

Hope everyone's doing well today.  For those still waiting in line to get your vote in, hang in there.  You're doing terrific.

Here are some things you can get for free after you vote:
  • Free scoop at Ben & Jerry's between 5 and 8 p.m.
  • Free coffee at Starbucks if you voted.
  • Free donut at Krispy Kreme if you mention promotion.
  • Free chicken at Chik Fil A possibly.
So, it might be cutting it a bit close for you folks on the East Coast but for everyone else, you've got plenty of time.

I just have a question:  How are folks' mobile device battery doing if you're waiting in line all day?  For those who are nearing the end of your battery life:
  • turn on airplane mode to save energy.
  • dim the screen.
  • turn off everything that you can like Wi-Fi and GPS.
But do that only after you've read this post.

Note:  For the Starbucks coffee, you do not have to vote in order to get a free coffee.  They offer it to everyone who asks for it.  I'm going to announce that I voted anyway.

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