Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mobility Future Under Obama Administration

Things should be good under an Obama Presidency as far as wireless is concerned, right?

I don't know.  Washington politics.  Who really knows.  So today, let's take a look at those advising the President-Elect and try to see where we go from there.

First, if you didn't already know, is Google's involvement.  A lot of you will argument that is not an accurate statement.  No?

Google is a vision as well as a business.  And Eric Schmidt is one of those folks with a "vision" of how the world should be, or at the very least, how the technology can be used to serve the world.  Furthermore, Sonal Shah, head of Google's Global Development Initiatives, has been tapped to be involved with the Obama transition team.

These folks are not just going to check their opinions at the door of the the Oval Office.  They're being asked to serve by providing their opinions and visions.

Now, there is a balance as well.  There are tech insiders who served with telecoms that should provide a two-sided tale for whatever President-Elect Obama wants to hear.  But the emphasis on technology heavy-weights is a clear shift from the last eight years (to be fair, we have had a lot to deal with in the Bush administration).

The hope is that whatever wireless and technology roadmap is implemented, it is implemented well and on a bipartisan basis.  We're likely to see a lot of initiatives in the first 100 days but I'll be  happy with a more competitive wireless field to start.

Note:  We'll get into the other characters to help us gauge how we'll get to the promise land of ubiquitous mobile broadband.

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