Friday, November 14, 2008

Mobility: MeBeam (Second Night)

Yesterday, we spoke a bit about video chats.  Video conferencing sounds so professional and we mobile warriors are like mavericks (you'll only see his word used once.  Now.  that's it), than corporate types.

So, video chats.  We tried mebeam last night again.  This time, we've got a couple of more folks.  Again, what it is is a Flash based video chat with up to sixteen feeds per room.  This is how easy it it.

  • No 3rd party software to install.  Runs off Flash (unless you consider that to be it).
  • Almost any webcam (set to USB video - at least on the MacWind)
  • Browser-based (again, no 3rd party software) - IE, Firefox, Safari
  • Does have voice but we didn't like it much.
I'm going to try it at Starbucks today if I get a chance.  This is what I'm getting at. If you need this blog long enough, you know what I mean.  It works anywhere with an Internet connection.  

And I advocate its use as much as possible and I want every mobile warrior to add this to their arsenal as part of his or her 21st Century skillz.  

If we try it again tonight and you're interested, you can join us.  I'll post the room tonight or this weekend.

Note:  We used Skype for voice because MeBeam's implementation just isn't quite there yet.

Another note:  Any other services you like or recommend, let me know.  Any suggestions for video chats, let me know as well and we'll share it with everyone.

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