Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mobility: Using MeBeam

In continue the previous post about video chats, I found chatting using oovoo's function to be buggy and limiting.  We finally got it to work but there is a lot of improvement they still need to make.

Anyway, this was on the MacWind.  We also tried iChat but not everyone has a Mac so we decided on another solution.


It's a video chat app that using a browser and Flash.  I know a mobile warrior who doesn't like Flash so this isn't for everyone.  But guess what?  I love it!

I had up to 4 mobile warriors including myself and one other individual all the way in Asia.  Supposedly, my video was not as good as others because of my lame upload speed.  I'll try to rectify that when I get a chance to call my ISP for an upgrade.

Anyway, you can have up to 16 simultaneous windows and video feeds.  With four feeds, it worked well.  I don't know about 16.  Anyone with that experience?  Love to know what it's like.

Sound was okay so we abandoned it and went with Skype for voice.  I'm sure we'll try it again tonight if not soon.  If anyone wants to join us, I'll post the room and we can chat away.

I'm tell you, my fellow mobile warriors, video chat is a habit we need to develop.  21st Century skill, my friends.

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