Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Netbooks: Android Can't Be Far Behind

We all know this, right?  When Google announced that Asus would be joining the Android effort, I think most people thought "netbook" instead of "handheld".

Smart move as far as Onxo believes.  In the past, we've mentioned that if all these thousands of apps can be translated onto a laptop or desktop in a virtual environment, it would increase the foothold of whatever the mobile platform as well as dramatically increase developer interest as they would gain millions of customers in an instant if their apps were to be allowed to run on Windows or Macs.

So, the issue is when Android will appear on a netbook and not if it'll appear on a netbook.

I've used the G1 for months now and I can say it has a lot of potential but there is nothing the Android can do that the other platforms can't do or do better.  People like to compare the iPhone to the Android.  I say go take a look at the app store and the comparison ends right there.  Right now, there simply is no comparison between the two with the quality as well as quantity of the apps available for the two platforms.

And given the "beta" status of Android, that isn't likely to change until well into 2009.  It would make sense for Android to be made available on netbooks and as a virtual environment on other operating systems for the apps to thrive, thus generating buzz among users and excitement among developers

I'm willing to go on record now and say that this will happen and that Google should be surprising us with a couple of new initiatives in 2009 that will made Android fans like myself very very excited.

Note:  I've got a MacWind that I'm very happy with.  I am looking forward to an AndroidWind as well.

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