Old Laptops At Work

My Dell Athlon died yesterday.  Rather it was the HD and I haven't had time to go pick up another one.

It's weird bring my old Powerbook into the office for this purpose.  It's been here before but mostly it served as a Photoshop emergency than a workhorse for the day.  So far, it works great.  I'm having printing issues that I should be able to resolve that.

I thought I bring this up because Chieh over at Camerahacker also brought in his old Sony Viao to use as a terminal.

I think old laptops that refuse to go away (and because of the attachments we sometimes develop with our mobile companions over the years) can still be put to good use.  The only reason I've decided to "retire" my Powerbook at home is because of the quality of the LCD screen.

Today, it's pumping out spreadsheets via numbers and cranking out e-mails just as efficiently as my dual-core sitting to the side now.  I might even do a little Skype.

If you've got any suggestions on what to do with older laptops, please feel free to drop a line.  Eventually, I will fix the Dell but I think I be keeping my Powerbook at work permanently.

Note:  Luckily, just before my work drive died, I backed up everything except for a day's worth of e-mail.


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