Saturday, November 1, 2008

Quick Note about the Previous Windows 7 Netbook Post

I'm going out on a limb here but a while back, I had posted in late August that Microsoft should consider using XP architecture to create a mobile platform since it has matured in terms of usability and stability all these years.  Plus, it is familiar to hundreds of millions of users.

I still believe Microsoft should continue to invest XP for mobile use.

Back to Windows 7.  Since Apple is able to create a mobile variant of the OS X they use for the Macs, I believe Microsoft may be exploring this route as well.  And if they are not, it's something worth considering if they are able to get stripe Windows 7 down to just the core and built mobile features around it the way Apple has done.

Honestly, Windows Mobile, while a very good platform in of itself, simply does not have the momentum that the iPhone and Blackberry has in the last year.  Furthermore, Android's likely ascendency should an added front to Steve Balmer in the struggle between Redmond and Mountain View.

So, don't be surprise if Windows Mobile 8 should is renamed "Windows 7 Mobile".

Love to hear what you think.  Microsoft is in no danger of losing the desktop war.  But in the mobile war of laptops, netbooks, mobile devices, and smartphones, Microsoft is in danger of being marginalized.  And believe me, we need a viable Microsoft.

You know I'm a big Mac fan but even I don't want to see a world dominated by just Jobs or the Google guys.

Note:  Google has indicated Android will go beyond mobile devices.  Asus may well be coming out with netbooks running Android.  Apple has indicated that the iPhone and iPod Touch are not the only mobile devices on this platform.

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