Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smartphone Shipment Worldwide Ranking

CNet has posted information produced by Canalys on smartphone shipments in the last quarter.

What's interesting in the post is the focus on the iPhone.  But given focus on Apple's mobile device in the last few months and the hits it'll generate from Apple folks, I suppose it's a smart move on their part.  So, iPhone, iPhone, iPhone...and Blackberries!

Now, how does impact mobile warriors?  Frankly, the numbers say nothing other than that if you make a good device, people will buy it no matter the hype you can generate.  The music player market is not as sophisticated as the mobile device market.  Hence, the users are also more knowledgeable about features and what devices can do what.

And it looks like the iPhone has what folks are looking for.  Oh sure, the hype helped too.  It's Steve Jobs and Apple after all.  But let's be fair.  The iPhone 3G is one pretty fine mobile device.

Here is a pic I lifted off Canalys of the ranks:

Nokia has the largest share of the market but it's growth may not come until next year when it has more devices on the market that can compete with Android, Apple, and RIM devices.

Visit CNet and Canalys for more details.  I'll follow up with pertinent data for those who don't want to go through the whole thing.

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