Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vehicle-Mobile Device Integration

I know nothing about cars.  As a mobile warrior of that nature, I’m not.  But recently, with the ubiquity of mobile devices, one would assume there ought to be more integration between automobiles and mobile devices.
Here’s what I like to see:
  • Remote control through voice – stereo, lighting, locks, calling, etc.
  • Apps to monitor car performance – allows you to monitor your fuel usage, oil change, temperature, battery level, and other indicators to help you keep an optimal car.
  • Integration with the mobile device’s entertainment system like what we can currently do with the iPod.  However, I would like to see tie-ins with other devices.  Perhaps, there can be a way for car systems to access music of video libraries and play it off storage media.
  • Tethering using mobile device's always-on Internet connection as most vehicles do not have Internet access at this time.
  • When the day arrives where most vehicles have onboard wireless Internet, it can serve as a router for mobile devices.
  • Integrated gaming for the little ones.

One other thing I like to see with such an integration is if the device has a GPS navigation system, it can be paired with the type of vehicle you drive and navigate not necessarily the shortest route but one that is most efficient in terms of fuel, traffic, and other road conditions.  This would take it beyond some navigation systems that may help you plot routes based on the places you need to go. 
Anyway, what else would you like to see in terms of vehicle-mobile gear integrations?

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