Friday, November 7, 2008

White Spaces - What It Means for Mobile Warriors

Yesterday, Onxo talked about FCC's decision to open up white spaces for wireless broadband access.  You're asking:  what does it matter?  It is just another wireless network like 3G and EDGE.  Also, like Wi-Fi.  Well, here is the fantastic news.
  • Another option.  Will no longer beholden to wireless providers with ancient biz practices.
  • Accessibility.  Convenience.  Innovation.  Whether you live in the cities or rural parts of the country, you will have an option for wireless connectivity.  It will also for wireless providers to compete in areas where they don't deem worthy of providing access to.  
  • In the beginning, not even lower prices but over time with competition, we may be looking at White spaces services competing with 3G, LTE, and WiMax.  
  • In due time, we will also see competition with the devices that support the different segments of the wireless market.  
  • In due time, we will also see devices that let mobile warriors access one network to another without having to buy a brand new network card or mobile device.
PC Mag did a nice article about white spaces and I suggest you head over and read about it.  Just so you know how fast this is moving, Dell has already indicated it will add wireless receivers to future laptops that will be able to access wireless Internet through white spaces services.  HP, Microsoft, Motorola, Dell, and Google are among the lead proponents of white spaces.
White spaces is everywhere.  And that is what so cool about it.
  • We already know it does video.  We can see greater and faster video communication.
  • Use it like you use your Wi-Fi now.  In fact, you already know this but the fact that it can go through walls will make it one of the better wireless network deployments.  
  • If you are out in the middle of nowhere, you may be able to set up a wireless hub that uses white spaces.
  • Though not initially as cheap as DSL, it's competitive to those of wireless broadband for 3G.  However, costs may go down if there is an ad supported business model.  You don't think Google is doing this out of the kind of its own heart do you?  It's a corporation, and by nature, it has no heart.  
  • 50-mile radius per access point.  How far does your current Wi-Fi network go now?
So, when can we expect this new magic?  According the PC Magazine, demo on 2009 and finished products in 2010.  

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