Saturday, November 1, 2008

Windows 7 Runs Fine On Netbook

Webmonkey has posted an article worth going over to read on Windows 7 running very well on a 1Ghz netbook.  This is certain a good news considering most folks are shying Vista and have either gone with XP or the Linux flavor, both run very well.

In fact, the Winds we bought came with XP but we converted them into Macbook mini.  And I have been using it as my primary writing and Internet machine for more than a week now.

It works beautifully.  Now, looks like Windows 7 could be getting into the game.  During a demonstration in Los Angles at a Microsoft developer conference, a copy of the yet to be released Windows was running on a 1 Ghz netbook equipped with 1GB of RAM.

With Windows 7 Microsoft is trying make people forget about Vista and focus on what has made Microsoft dominate the desktop computers much of the 90s until now.  Some additional changes are also in store.
  • Ease of Use
  • Speed
  • New UI and Looks
  • Windows 7 will need to work well on low-powered chips such as netbooks and UMPCs where battery life and portability is a large consideration.
  • Web applications are featured more prominently.
Link:  Webmonkey

Note:  The new XO also run XP.  There may be a dual boot feature in the future.  G1G1 starts on November 17th.

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