Friday, December 5, 2008

Apple Announcement For Macworld: We've Got Nothing (Go Home!)

Onox was right (unfortunately) about no new products outside of refreshes of existing Apple products.

I am going to say it now.  No new mobile product from Apple at Macworld.  We might see a refresh of the iPhone with lower entry prices for the 8GB at some later date.  We'll likely see a 32GB model as well.  That's about it.

However, we will not see a tablet, Macblet, iTablet, MacTablet.  Nor will we see anything new multi-touch hardware.

Here's why I think this to be the case.  This week, many Apple sites have reported (when they're not reporting about President-Elect Obama being a Zune user ) Adobe offering a limited presence at MacWorld 2009.  If you recall earlier this fall, Apple execs made a lot of buzz about new products and leaving no umbrella room.  Well, they sort of did that will the iPod line, they lowered the price of the entry Macbook, and will do so with iPhone early part of 2009, either through power prices or added memory capacity.

Now, Appleinsider is reporting a line of other companies not making their presence felt in at the January event (second most important event in January in my mind).  Why is that?

The economy for one.  But as AI mentioned in its post, many of those folks have already paid for the venue and, thus, cost should not be an issue.  Nor is travel expense given that companies like Adobe lives in the area.  So, what could it be?

Hence my guess:  no new products other than Mac desktop refreshes.  New Mac Pro.  New iMac.  Maybe new Mac Mini (or that Mac Hybrid that I wanted).  For any other company, that would be news in of itself but this Apple.  Two years ago, the iPhone.  Last year, the Macbook Air.  This year, nothing.

And let's face it, people are about mobility now.  Desktops don't get people excited like they once did.  Supposedly, attendance will also be down.  I'm guess people are thinking they won't see anything exciting at this year's keynote.

So, let's hope that I'm wrong.
Source:  Appleinsider

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