Monday, December 8, 2008

ATT's Ludicrous "I Have A Dream Moment"

Last week, ATT said they wanted an unifying mobile OS that would run all their mobile phones.  Onxo did not bother to post about it because my felllow mobile warriors would want to know what I'm smoking, where they can get some, and if ATT is smoking the same stuff.

Boy Genius Report has offered a clarification to their post.  Be that as it may, the motive behind ATT's goal for the one OS "to rule them all" remains the same as that of Mordor:  control.  Essential this is what they want:
  • Realizing that they have ceded a lot of control to Apple, they decided the only way  to get it all back is if they can force users to use one environment.  This goes the same for developers. 
  • With one OS that they have 100% control over, ATT  can dictate terms.  How to use it, what to use it with, and how much one can use it.
  • ATT can't be happy the hundreds of millions Apple is making off iTunes.  Execs at ATT are thinking that should be their money.    And $1 for  a song.  They want to chrage $2,  $3, or maybe $5 per song.  Like in the old days.  And why share anything with Blackberry.  Those user subscriptions should also be theirs.  It's their wireless network after all.
  • By being able to dictate terms to developers and content providers, ATT can ask for a piece of every pie sold through their network.  App sales.  Advertising.  Search.  You name it, ATT wants a percentage of it.
  • ATT has indicated in the past they should be the gate keepers to protect users.  Now, they are saying users don't want complications of high-end mobile devices.  Dude, what are these guys smoking. 
Clarification or not, one thing is clear:  ATT also realize this vision they are looking is impossible to realize.  Mobile warriors are savy, they have clear needs, and we don't want wireless providers to say what we can use or how we can use it. 

I'm grateful that iPhone and Android are here to stay.  I hope other handset makers and mobile platform developers learn from the last couple of years and stop capitulating to these wireless guys. 

Source:  BGR

Note:  To all Symbian fans out there, I'm sorry ATT mentioned you as their mobile plastform of choice for what they think are dumb users who don't want high-end stuff.  You should be wondering why.

Another note:  Apple is very limiting as well.  They are their own gatekeepers for the iPhone. 

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