Monday, December 15, 2008

Blackberry Storm - Where Are The Sales Figures?

I could have posted this on On Apple or On Android but I figure folks in those camps are just as galvanized and passionate about their mobile devices so I'm posting it.

Where are RIM's figures for Storm?  Why isn't Verizon saying how sales numbers are saving Christmas for its stockholders? 

I'm not insinuating anything here but the BB crowd can sure use good news right about now.  Initial sales for the Storm numbered between 100K-120K on the weekend it launched.  That's a very good number and it could pick up steam as the Holidays and Christmas rush is factored in. 

Still it would be reassuring to hear RIM or Verizon come out and do a bit more cheerleading.  I've seen the ads on television, Hulu, and other online avenues but if you do a quick google search, there isn't a lot of information from either companies.  RIM has repeatedly indicated they've added record subscriptions since the Storm debut but it isn't the same as saying 500,000 or 1,000,000 units have sold since.

Regardless, RIM remains the standard bearer in the smartphone segment of the mobile industry.  And it's making the right moves by hiring over a thousand new engineers during this economic downturn.  While others may be looking to shed the workers, Apple and RIM are doing the opposite.  RIM's hirings gives me confidence that they're looking at the long-run and not just a couple of quarters down the line.

I think this alone should be Crackberries a lot to cheer about.

Source:  Fierce Wireless, Unwired View

Note:  Still, a couple of numbers could be reassuring.  And also, I wonder if Storm is helping RIM expand their reach with consumers or is it merely cannilalzing sales of other Blackberries like the Curve or the Bold.

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