Economic Impact on 4G Deployment

Techworld has referenced a report that the global recession and competitive pressure from LTE will have a great impact on WiMax, and not in a good way. But I also wonder what kind of impact this will have on 4G deployment in general.

By and large, governmental stimulus packages from the $700 billion TARP fund, the pending $600 billion waiting for President-elect Barack Obama to sign in January, $600 billion stimulus from the Chinese government, and dozens of other ones from various nations are used mainly to prop up failing financial systems or stimulate employment through large scale infrastructure projects. I don't see many intended to lay out networks for wireless networks.

Maybe I just haven't heard about it. But roads and bridges are probably something more pressing than building out LTE, WiMax, or other 4G networks to politicians. Already companies are cutting back on upgrades and other expenditures if they're not already trimming their workforce. Next generation wireless broadband could take longer to come to your neighborhood.

Source: Techworld


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