Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Economic Stimulus For Wireless: Investment In The Future

Green tech.  Petro Independence.  Infrastructure.  Education.  Healthcare.  I heard broadband in there somewhere. 

Well, I have to say that I'm a bit torn.  I like to see wireless technology expanded more.  In my limited knowledge about "the last mile" about getting broadband into every  home in America, I am making the assumption that wireless technology would be cheaper than tearing up concrete and running wires. 

Still, the cost of the stimulus package I'm reading about on the Internet is mind-boggling.  I know the Democrats are trying to keep the stimulus package under the $1T.  That's right, folks.  One Trillion.  $1,000,000,000,000.  A thousand billion.  A million million.  One followed by two zeros.  So, they're looking at $750 billion at the low-end and trying to keep it under $850 billion at the high-end.  So, if that's going to happen, where does wireless technology and wireless broadband rollout fit into all this?

President-elect Obama has mentioned putting aside money for broadband deployment.  It figures largely into his education, healthcare, and other efforts to streamline the government.  And I applaud that effort but every telecom and cable lobbyists will try to get into the equation and end up making a mess of things.  I suppose it's the nature of the beast and the cost of doing business with the government involved. 

I just hope when the final bill comes across President Obama's desk in January, it's broadband, be it wireless or not, done right for mobile warriors, not telecom overlords.

Link:  Speed Matters, Ars Technica

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