Sunday, December 14, 2008

Former Soviet Republic First To Offer Mobile Voting

I've never been to Europe let alone eastern Europe.  So I don't know what conditions are like in Poland and the other former Iron Curtain satellites. 
And i doubt seriously that I'll ever be visiting any former Soviet republics but after learning about Estonia letting their citizens vote in national elections through their mobile devices, that just blew me away.
First in the world.  Certainly one for the history books (and Wikipedia).  Now, I've wondered often why we have not implemented such a system.  As a democratic society, this is the sort of thing that we want to advance, allowing for greater voter participation.
And not just for mobile voting but just good old fashion online voting through any computer, laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, or whatever mobile devices are on the market.
After all, we have people banking relatively safely online for years now and it simple makes sense that people should be able to vote at home, on the go, or wherever else they might be if they only have their mobile device with them.
Now, there is a sense of tradition on voting at a polling booth in the Sun of california, Wintery weathers of the Northeast, and the farmlands of the Midwest and I'm sure those polling places will continue to exist.  
But if you're looking for voter turnout, this is just the way to go.  Start the online voting two weeks before election to give the nation enough time to cast its votes.  Debate will continue as some folks will wait for the last minute as candidates and their running mates hope from swing state to swing state.  It'll only be better for democracy.
I am just curious if anyone has heard about mobile voting and, if so, how far along we are.
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