Friday, December 5, 2008

MacCandidate Will Also Be iPresident

World leaders who are democratically elected, be warned.  What laptop you use or what MP3 Pplayer you take to the gym may make or break your ascendency  to the presidency or whatever highest office that is in your land.

In the midst of a global recession, terror threats, and any number of dozens of political, economic, and environmental issues that President-elect Barack Obama and his transition team has to grab by the horns and hit the ground running on January 20th, apparently, just as important is assuring the American public and the international community that he was a Macbook candidate and will be an iPod President is just as important an issue.

So important is this issue that an Obama spokesperson has to come out and dispel a story that Obama jams with a Zune at a local gym in Chicago.

But if you think about it, Obama had openly talked about his family's Macbook during the campaign.  There's no reason why he would go out and get a Zune after that.

It's just amazing the kind of impact of a product that has sold 150 million units can have on Presidential politics.  History might be a bit different had Obama talked about using a Presario or Inspiron and Senator McCain's advisors had made him look more tech savy with pictures or video footages of the Senator with an iPhone and a Macbook Air.  Karl Rove uses an iPhone.  They could have used the Architect.

Note to future Presidential candidates:  just as you'll likely make the ethanol pledge when you're in Iowa and the rest of the Midwest, make sure you make the iPod pledge as well.

Source:  PC World

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