Mobile Tip: Airsickness Bags As Mobile Stand

This comes from Macworld.

I'm very familiar with those airsickness bags you see with every seat on airline (I get car, bus, and train-sickness like crazy).

So, if you're not using them, use them as a stand.  Check out Macworld's suggestion.  What you do is make a cut-out wide enough to hold your mobile device but leave enough room so you can see the screen.  Then you hang it on the seat from front of you.  Now, you've got yourself a hands-free stand

It works great because even if the seat in front of you is pushed back, gravity will make sure the iPhone iPod Touch, or whatever video device you're using will be vertical.

Check out further instructions and pics at Macworld.

Note:  Here is another tip we found that you'll find useful in making an iPhone stand .


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