Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mobile Tips From Google

Onxo has offered tips from time to time that make sense.  Battery tips are the most popular.  Security tips.  Also very popular.  Securing your password in the cloud?

But now, Google has created a mobile site dedicated to offering mobile tips.  And more than that, it's one tip a day.  So far, they've offered variants of search - sport score, shopping, unit conversions.  They've got one tip for the iPhone app that for voice.

Okay, it's very Google-centric and nothing mind blowing but it's stuff that's good to know.  And it's very good of Google to do this.  We'll highlight really cool ones if we come across them as Google offer them.

You can always search Onxo for our own tips or ones that we've linked.  So far, I think Google's conversion tip is pretty cool.  Oh, works on desktop Google searches too.

Source:  Google Mobile Tips

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