Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mobile Warriors: Mark This Day

For the first time ever, more laptops were shipped than desktops.  However, this should be an asterisk.

Like this: * netbooks.

With the growing popularity of netbooks due to its price, performance, and portability, the whole portable computer market rose 40% over the same period in 2007.  In my small circle of close friends, nearly everyone bought a netbook.

But more than that, low cost of entry (from as low as $250) seems to be a major factor in a lot of folks who normally may not have considered getting a full-size laptop to get a netbook.  That was the case with most folks I know.

Now, I have to wonder about the long-term impact of netbooks in the laptop makers.  I can see a lot of mobile warriors using their netbooks as their main computer.  If this is the case, the revenues and profit margins for a lot of companies will be have a measured impact.

iSuppli has upped their forecast for 2009.  I think this is certainly great news for mobile warriors.  It may lead to additional competition.  Now, I have to wonder if it will also lead to lower revenue growth as well.

Also, as we move into 2009, will the popularity of netbooks compel more wireless providers to bundle wireless services with subsidized netbooks?

Via CNet

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