Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Netbooks Wipe The Floor With iPhones!

Netbooks rips Blackberry a new one!  Or how about this one:  More Netbooks sold than DS and PSP Combined!

No, I haven't gone off the deep end.  That happened a long time ago.  What I'm babbling about is a post originating from jkOnTheRun that has been picked up by the likes of MacNN and PC World, all very respectable .  Apparently, the tech blog found recent news days so slow that they have to pit two completely different products from different categories and compare their numbers.

And let's not forget that the comparison here is a whole segment of netbooks versus one product, the iPhone.  So, why do it?  Suffice to say, the explanation in the post doesn't make sense.  The fact that an explanation for this comparison is needed, well, you'll have to take a go at it yourself.

I think there is an explanation not mentioned in the post.  It stemmed from the last financial call when Jobs said the iPhone was Apple's answer to the netbook.  So, here are some things you should know.
  1. Don't believe everything Jobs say. 
  2. An Apple answer to the netbook is coming.
  3. An Apple answer to the netbook is coming.
  4. An Apple answer to the netbook is coming.
  5. Don't believe what Jobs say. The iPhoen is not a netbook. An Apple answer to the netbook is coming.
Even the comparison is flawed if you allow it. To make such an Apple to orange comparison, you still have to take into account the iPod Touch units. But you can't do that because Apple doesn't offer those numbers. Then you also have to take a look at the netbooks and see which ones uses SSD instead of traditional drives. Then you have to go further and see which one offers 3G connectivity.
And when Apple's answer to the netbook comes out, so what? I'm sure comparisons will be made but it won't be a netbook. Still, that is not going to stop folks from making comparisons.
Source:  jkOnTheRun 
Note: If such a comparison as JonK is allowed, they would need to take into account devices like Nokia's N800 and Archos devices.

Another note: This is the result of dearth of Apple rumors. Shame on MacNN for reporting it though. Better off reading the stars for Apple's future plans than to report on this.

Another note note: Read the comments on the original post. Most folks agree this was a bad comparison.

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