Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No Degradation Battery From HP In 2009

That's right. Not Toshiba or Sony.  HP.

Check it out.  A battery that doesn't start to degrade well into the third year of use, or 1000 charge cycles.  Apparently, HP has found some magic dust, sprinkled them on these batteries, and mobile happiness ever after.

Dubbed "enviro" (we'll forgive HP for this uninspring name), I do believe this to be a very impressive jump in mobility.  Haven't you tried to baby and condition your battery at times to improve or at least artificially extend your battery's life ?  Well, no longer.  A 1000 charge cycle versus the 300 charge-cylce batteries now will change the workg habits of a lot of mobile warriors.

So, what can the Enviro do?

  • 1,000 charges before the battery start to degrade. 
  • 80% charge in 30 minutes.
  • 3-year warranty or the life of the battery.
  • Cost?  Double?   Triple?  Nope.  A mere $20-30 over current batteries.
  • Technology from Boston -Power
  • HP is merely the first to offer this battery.
Impact:  While this new technology doesn't extend the battery life, it does porlong a battery's life.  And with the cost a mere 15-20% over current battery offerings that will go through the life of a laptop, you're talking about millions saved on battery replacement costs for businesses. 

Furthermore, some mobile warriors would be more like to be untethered to an outlet and more inclined to truly go mobile.  What I want to see next is a breakthrough that will allow for a battery to go on working all day.  
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