Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama And FCC - Test of Will on AWS-3

Generally one would think the new Obama administration will be more consumer friendly and as a Democratic apparatus, the new administration would be looking out for the little guy like Dave the Mobile Warrior.  In particular, I think President Obama would be more supportive of net neutrality and likely to support a national wireless network being pushed by the FCC.

I suppose we'll know the answer once we find out if Obama's FCC folks will allow the AWS-3 bandwidth to be put back on FCC's agenda for a vote after numerous lawmakers were ordered by their cronies to pressure the FCC chairman into putting off the vote.

So, we'll know in the next few months who the new administration is looking out for.  National interest or the interest of entrenched wireless providers.  

Just a reminder, the AWS-3 is 25Mhz of bandwidth that requires the winner to allocate part of the bandwidth for a free national network.  However, T-Mobile is protesting the move because it claim it would interfere with its own network.  I have to applaud FCC chairman Kevin Martin for going ahead with this until he was forced to put off the December 18th vote.

Martin is leaving so he's not going to force the issue.  Let the next guy deal with it.  And it'll be Obama's guy.

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